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We are a Public Relations, Events, and Consumer Engagement agency driven by data and consumer behavior.



Who We Are

  Creative.  Strategic. Innovative.

We are driven by data and consumer behavior. We exist to create meaningful engagement between consumers, corporate brands, and socially driven organizations that are committed to building better communities.


Why AOPR? Since we started 10 years ago, we’ve worked with a variety of brands like yours to create experiences that not only win awards but also get results. And, we are confident that we could do the same for you. 

As a result, our clients have been featured in the NY Times, Business Insider, Forbes, and other top-tier media outlets to name a few. In addition, AOPR has earned awards and recognition such as the Hermes Creative Award, Bronze Stevie Awards - Female Employee of the Year, Bronze Stevie Award - Women in Business, PR World Awards/Gold Winner - Achievement of the Year, Pillar World Awards - Diversity Team of the Year, and Pillar World Awards - Outstanding Employee of the Year to name a few.

Language Capability: Italian, Arabic, Albanian, French, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish.


We exist to connect brands and products with people, through compelling and engaging consumer-focused campaigns, media placement, and creative messaging


Apples & Oranges Public Relations will be internationally recognized as one of the most innovative, and productive public relations, and consumer engagement agencies in the state of New York by 2022. We will continue to provide our clients with a level of excellence and value that surpasses their highest expectations; as a result, our organization will become the ideal communications agency for businesses that value the power of strategic communication, effective publicity and, consumer influence.


Social Responsibility

By generating annual revenue and providing employment opportunitiesApples & Oranges Public Relations contributes to the economic growth of the state of New York.

In addition, we partner with local universities to provide U.S. and international college students with credit-based internship opportunities.

What We Do

  Publicty.  Engagement. Strategy.

AOPR is the place where businesses come to create compelling messaging and engaging PR campaigns and stories for their companies. We’re on a mission to increase visibility and consumer engagement for brands — by providing them the creative insight and communication strategy they need to launch and grow.

World Awards - Gold Winner

World Awards - Gold Winner

Rising Star of the Year

PR World Award

PR World Award

Achievement of the Year

Globe Awards

Globe Awards

Communication Professional of the Year

Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

Best PR Campaign

Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards

Women in Business Achievement

Pillar World Awards

Pillar World Awards

Executive Excellence

Pillar Awards

Pillar Awards

Employee of the Year

Timeline | 2010 - 2021

  Company Story & History

Founded in 2010, Amore Philip and a former business consultant launched the agency after being down-sized from an administrative position in the architectural/design and build industries. Prior to 2010, Amore held several creative and administrative positions in the Fashion and Entertainment industries.


Since 2010, the company has grown from a 2-person shop to an award-winning boutique agency with

6 - 15 employees. AOPR is a certified (MWBE) enterprise in the city and state of New York.  




From 1996 to 2007,  our beloved CEO spent 12+ years in the fashion and entertainment industries. At the end of 2008 during the financial crisis, Amore was one of several employees who was downsized from an executive position in the architectural/design & build industries. Shortly after, Amore spent a few years building up her client base. In 2010, AOPR was launched for less than $5000 dollars.

2011 - 2015

MWBE Certification


MWBE Certification

 AOPR received New York State MWBE certification 

Hermes Creative Award

 AOPR received the 2014 "Hermes Creative Award."

The agency received recognition for a non-profit client’s (City Girl Beauty Project) project and case study.


2015 - 2019




2017 - AOPR joins the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program.

2019 - AOPR selected into the Columbia Community Business Program (CCBP)


First City Contract

Sub-contract opportunity - NYC TLC Accessible Dispatch Program

2020 - 2021

10 yearS LATER 


In 2020 we reached our 10- year anniversary. In addition, we were also faced with the challenges of staying afloat during the COVD lockdowns. Like most small businesses, we made some tough decisions, and also downsized from a staff of (12) employees to a core team of (6). At the moment, we are still going strong.


We're in this together!

As a collective, we have over 32+ years of experience in the Public Relations, Experiential Events, and Consumer Engagement sectors. Prior to AOPR, members of our award-winning international have held executive positions as PR Directors, Marketing Execs, and Brand Managers at brands such as Heineken, Amstel, Publicis, Tiffany's, Bloomingdales, Micheal Koors, Ogilvy India, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week. 

Language Capability

Italian, Arabic, French, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish.

AOPR Team Photo


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