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Work From Home: How to be proactively productive?

We get that being home surrounded by all things comfortable can make it hard for one to focus and be productive. Here are our three quick tips that can help you be efficient while working from the comfort of your home.


We all love snuggling in our beds for hours and struggle with procrastination. The first step is to set a fixed routine of waking up and making your bed - believe us, it does wonders.

Next, get out of your favorite pajamas, shower and wear comfortable clothes, have breakfast and prepare a strong coffee. You will see how much this is going to change your mood and lift up your spirit.


Keep the bed for resting, find a quiet place in the house and create a work-zone that is comfortable. It could be as simple as a table and chair or you can also try the standing office for a while (Trust us this is going to get you out of the boredom of sitting for long hours during the day)

Keep food, water, and a well-lit citrus candle or diffuser to keep you refreshed. It's easy to go off schedule when we take breaks between work. So time yourself and set alarms as a reminder.


While working out of the comfort of your home seems more comfortable, it might hamper your productivity. To avoid this, make a schedule for your work and time your tasks. Communicate with your teammates 2-3 times a day and by the end of the day, make a review note for the day along with a to-do list for the next.

You will be thankful to yourself if you make a routine and stick to it. It is going to give you those extra hours to work on your dream or learn a new skill, now is the time.

We hope these quick tips will help you in being your best self.

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